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      點擊咨詢 新航道全國學校

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      2020-08-06 15:34   作者:新航道   閱讀量:

        Should Vancouver have free wireless internet ?


        Should Vancouver have free wireless internet ?


        Vancouver is thinking about providing a Wi-Fi network for the downtown area. The city hasn't decided yet, but the network will probably be free. What do you think of the idea? Post your comment !


        It's a good idea-but I'm sure it won't be free. Other cities have already tried it and it hasn't stayed free. Most of them charge about $10 a month. But people are happy to pay because then they can use Wi-Fi in their gardens or in Wi-Fi elevators. I've already said this, but I'Il say it again. Wi-Fi is a good idea , but I've never heard of a city where it's stayed free for very long.


        I've just read Mike's post. Incredible! I don't want to write mails from an elevator or my garden! I think this is going too far. There are other things the city government could spend the money on, aren't there? - for example , more sidewalks or a better bus system.


        I agree with Anna. A lot of people have already bought Wi-Fi for their homes-they don't need it in the street, do they? Spend the money on other things, things for teenagers! The city hasn't built enough schools or parks yet.


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