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      點擊咨詢 新航道全國學校



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      2021-03-25 16:28   作者:新航道   閱讀量:



        1.I saw little or nothing of him after you were gone.你走后我很少看見他,幾乎可說完全沒見過他。

        2.I could not help showing my pleasure.我不禁喜形于色。

        3.I cannot but admire his courage.我不得不贊美他的勇氣。

        4.I never see you but I think of my brother.我每次見到你就想起我的兄弟來。(我沒有一次不是見到你就想起我的兄弟來。)

        5.It simply will not do.那是絕對不行的。

        6.Everybody,it is true,wouldn’t like it.的確并不是人人都喜歡它。

        7.I don’t wholly agree.我并不完全同意。

        8.All my plans came to nothing.我的一切計劃都沒實現。

        9.I shall never do it,not under any circumstances.我不會做那事的。

        10.I’ll not do such a thing,not I.我不會干這種事的,決不會。

        11.I could not assent to,much less participate in such proceedings.我對這種行為不能贊同,哪里還說得上參加。

        12.I did not even see him,still less shake hands with him.我看都沒看見他,哪里還可能同他握手呢?

        13.I never thought of it,let alone did I do it.我想都沒想到它,更談不上去做了。

        14.Little remains to be said.簡直沒什么可說的了。

        15.I have hardly ever been out of Beijing.我幾乎未曾離開過北京。

        16.There is not a moment to be lost.分秒必爭。

        17.There is no holding back the wheel of history.歷史車輪不可阻擋。

        18.Not a soul was anywhere visible.到處見不到一個人。

        19.I felt sorry for not coming in time.我很抱歉沒準時到。

        20.I don’t think it is right to make such a hasty decision.我認為如此倉促做決定是不正確的。


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